Luxury Coach

Khira Achiever

These vehicles are customized and have highly finished exteriors. The interior is given as much importance in order to ensure passenger comfort. We give you options for various kinds of seats simple push back to fully reclinable seats. Entertainment systems, television and other featuresare arranged for based on the client’s requirement.
Designed to break away from the clutter and high visually density we see all around us, the ‘Achiever’ personifies power and speed.
The styling manifests itself in the form of basic shapes with bold graphical elements to combine and create a cohesive mass. A LED brand Panel at the front gives it a unique face and imparts a strong brand recall. An upward progressive stance coupled with the forward leaning spilt treatment of the side glass signifies preparedness and a sense of purpose.
The interior carries LED mood lighting with plush leather seats and ample space for a relaxing journey. The Red and Black juxtapositiion enhances the feeling of power with body graphics adding character and the possibility of customization.